Spark Core v0.2.3 released

Spark Core v0.2.3 represents three significant improvements:

  • Fixed a bug where the diode protecting the USB circuit could be blown if RAW was connected to GND. Fix involved replacing the diode with a beefier diode.
  • Significantly changed the layout of the RF circuit to improve performance.
  • Changed the load capacitance on the RTC crystal (and therefore its capacitors) in order to improve its performance.

Spark Core v0.2.3 will be going in for test production immediately. At this point the only design changes expected between this release and the final release would be silkscreen modifications and minor tweaks to the RF circuit.


Great to see new version is out. There is a capacitor overlap on C5 and C4, L1 not sure if this was intentional should there not be 2mm of clearance?

Hey @chibuk - the capacitor overlap is intentional, it’s a stuffing option; if you stuff one capacitor you lead to the chip antenna, and if you stuff the other you lead to uFL. This is how we put both antenna options on one board.

interesting. neat approach.

Hi I am new to Spardevice. It seems to be a pretty interesting product. And I have a couple questions.

Based on your comment, basically both antenna and uFL are supported on the same board. Is it possible for end users to switch between antenna and uFL on one board? Based on status, currently you are “designing test procedures for the manufacturing line for the Core and all of the Shields”. Will you guys publish what tests will be performed on the chip? And one more question, when do you expect a major revision and price change after the release? (I know this question is a little bit odd. I apologize)

@zhijiewang Sorry for the delay getting back to this one! You can switch between antenna and uFL but you’ll need to solder on components to switch between the two; the existence of one negatively effects the performance of the other, so we don’t populate the components of one when we’re using the other.

No plans for major revisions or price changes at the moment! We’re laser focused on getting Spark Core v1.0 out the door :wink: