Spark Will not re-flash when a Serial.begin() is present

I have read some previous posts from back in Feb when other folks were having this issue.
I can flash a spark core from the web IDE ONCE when there is any kind of Serial commands in the sketch.
If I try to flash it again, it does nothing, just keeps breathing cyan. Each time the only solution is to Factory default it and get it back on the network with the iPhone app.
I have tried other sketches and they work fine if no Serial commands exist.

Does anyone have the same experience?

it could be because the serial is blocking the main loop()

can you confirm the main loop is getting called every once in a while. there is also a little trick you can do with a simple bit of code to call SPARK_WLAN_Loop() when a pin is pulled high or low, this will let the spark check the cloud

there is also a bug that is getting fixed now, if it hasn’t been already, that causes some files not to flash due to their size. but you will normally see the LED flash magenta then return to breathing with the old code still in the core.

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