Core wont flash via SPARK WEB IDE

my core wont flash my program even the examples given, but when i manually connect the LED and control it over tinker app it does light up. help please?

@paolosofio01, please refrain from posting multiple similar issues.

You have one at:

1.) It makes it spammy

2.) Helping you becomes slower

Hi @paolosofio01 - if you want help with your specific problem, then please give specific details! :slight_smile: Please explain the process you’ve used to flash, has the core been claimed and visible in the online IDE, after hitting flash do you see any message in the IDE, do you see any change in the LED color on the core?

Flashing from the web IDE works for the majority of users, so we need to know exactly what you are doing to find out what is different about your situation.

More details are always useful! And as @kennethlimcp said, please don’t post multiple threads for the same thing. I’ve removed the other thread - we’ll continue discussion here.

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sorry @mdma im new with spark core, btw i just did many times of reseting its firmware. again sorry.