Can't upload the firmware to the spark core?

I am a new user for the spark core, I followed the tutorial to connect the spark core to the web successfully, and i tried the ‘blink the led example’, on the web IDE I flashed the new code into the core, the core was flashing the magenta color, meaning it is updating the firmware, but after a while, the core led started to flash a quick-time green, blue for a second and then very long (10 seconds ) more fast (not high speed) cyan, at last i see the red color blinking for several times. the firmware failed to load to the spark core.

to note, my simple circuit is good, i used the mobile to control the LED connected to D0 and D7, which works very well.

I don’t know why it failed to upload and make the example run locally on the spark core,

Could you restart the core and try again?