Spark Photon technical question

hi Spark friensds
did the Spark Photon has also like the core the restriction of
WiFi channel beyond 11 or the use of 801.11n while the Core only supports b & g.
To get around this, try forcing your router to use a channel <= 11 and only to use b & g for the claiming process.
or is it smoother to the restrictions?
thx for answering
PS where are this technical data (and restrictions) described?

The restrictions are to be found here

And some tech info about the Photon can be found here

Especially 801.11n is mentioned there to be available. About the channel I can’t say for definite, but I guess this will be a non-issue, too.

hi ScruffR
thx for the info. Didn’t know that the technical description is to search in troubleshooting :smile:thx a lot.
Good to hear that you also thought that the channel problem is gone.

@hape there’s actually a software change to enable channels above 11 for cc3000.

Same for bcm433362 as well.

I should try 802.102n on photon when I get a chance :slight_smile:

Maybe not to start with, but if things don’t work it’s the place to look :eyes: :wink:

The channel problem is really an international radio band problem. You can’t use channels above 11 in USA legally so the default setting for the TI CC3000 was to not look above channel 11, but as @kennethlimcp says there is a patch.

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