Return Policy inormation needed [Solved]

Hello All,
Unfortunately my core is not able connect to the internet and i have tried what all i can . If possible, Please let me know the return policy .

Hi @Deepak

Send email to BUT I don’t think anyone has helped you with your router settings. Over in your other thread, you say you have tried everything but the most important and variable part for folks are their router settings.

From the Troubleshooting page of the doc:

There are known issues with the following types of networks:

  • 802.11n-only networks. The Spark Core is 802.11b/g. Most 802.11n networks are backwards compatible with 802.11b/g, but if yours is not, the Spark Core will not connect.

  • Networks with “captive portal” security. A captive portal is the little website that comes up to ask you to sign in to a network or sign an agreement, like at a Starbucks. The Spark Core can’t navigate these portals.

  • Enterprise networks. We have had mixed results connecting the Spark Core to enterprise networks, although we don’t yet have a great understanding of what’s causing the issue. This is something that we are working to improve.

  • Complex networks. Networks with multiple routers, with non-standard firewalls, and with non-standard settings.

  • Channels above 11. This is in particular an international issue; if you are outside the U.S., your Wi-Fi router might run at channels 12, 13, or 14, which the CC3000 does not support.
    Please use channels numbered 11 or lower.


For your reference, the return policy is available here:

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