Spark inventor's notebook

I am very interested in the spark core! It sounds very exciting!! I own the original Arduino Start Kit and I have already got various bits and pieces of electronic components such as sensors, jump wires, breadboard, etc, so I am not looking into buying the Maker Kit. Is there a way to buy just the Core and Spark inventor’s notebook as I would like to learn to make projects using Spark Core?

Hi @jimbbq - the Spark inventor’s notebook is only available as part of the Maker Kit. However to be clear, it’s not an educational book, but simply a high quality blank notebook. If you’re looking for educational stuff, we’ll have a lot of documentation our website once we launch, and we’ve also got a couple of things in the works to get something published.

I see! I look forward to the release! great work! :slight_smile:

The inventor’s notebook was one of the best notebooks I’ve ever received Where can I get a pocket sized version? I need something to be my ‘ubiquitous capture’ device until i can afford an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note.

It looks a lot like the 'Baron Fig’ brand, but I want to be certain.

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Thanks @ultimape! Unfortunately it was custom made in China, so I’m not aware of how to get any other versions. I’ll keep your ask in mind if we decide to do other variations :slight_smile:

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