Interesting new Prototyping module on Kickstarter

I came across this today. The feature I like most about it is that it has a built-in Battery, so you can run your projects anywhere anytime without worrying about USB cables or power outlets. Something to consider in the future versions of the Core! :smile:

Which one in particular ?

Here’s the link.

I wish them well, but this seems inferior to the Core you can buy today (much less the Photon) in most ways except for the built-in charging circuit. No cloud infrastructure/IDE, wireless is on a separate board, much slower processor, etc.

I do think Spark should add a charging circuit eventually as that is the key to making a true mobile device. I know there is a revised power shield (that I’m impatiently waiting for) but built-in would be better.

I agree the spark is better. but i really like the idea of having a built in battery

Apart the nice battery, if they not will offer a cheap wireless alternative (i.e. 2866) it’s a board without air, or an expensive airboard.