Spark Core Stuck in Endless Loop Searching for Internet

After updating to El Capitan and serial ports stopped working I did a bunch of stuff to try and figure out why my Spark Core wasn’t recognized. After node-serialport got updated I was finally able to find my core when it was plugged in to send it wifi credentials but it would get stuck in an endless loop trying to connect. Here are the current steps

node v. 0.12

  1. Plug in Spark Core
  2. Reset the Core (hold both buttons down, release the right, release the left when it begins flashing white; Core begins blinking blue)
  3. particle serial wifi: scan for networks, select network, Y to wireless security type
  4. Enter wifi password
  5. Device restarts and begins blinking orange rapidly.

Should I reflash the firmware? How do I do that, exactly?

Unlike the Photon the Core still has a monolitic firmware setup, so your system firmware will always be flashed together with application firmware in one go.

So just flash your application as you always did, but maybe revert to 0.4.6, just to see if that cures it.

This should help, although some steps might be a bit dated:

This might also help:

You can flash your applications using DFU-util. This works nicely in combination with the CLI. Once you’ve coded your app in the web IDE, go to the firmware overview, and click the little cloud icon next to the project’s name. That’ll download a .bin file. If you’ve got the CLI installed correctly, you should be able to use particle flash -usb firmware.bin from the directory where the .bin in saved, while your Core is in DFU mode.

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This seems to be the most related to my issue, but I keep running into an error a few other people seem to also be getting:

attempting to add a new public key for device core_id
submitPublicKey got error:  Permission Denied
Make sure your device is in DFU mode (blinking yellow), and that your computer is online.
Error - Permission Denied

Running the command in ```sudo```` doesn’t seem to have any effect (not that I was really expecting it to). I haven’t been able to find any solutions—any ideas? :persevere: