Spark Core stops running after a firmware update

First of all, ( as this is my first topic here LOL) I’d like to thank you guys for your working on such a wonderful device. I DO like spark core very much. Even if mine is broken i’m considering buying another piece of it.

My spark core stops running after an (unsuccessful maybe) update of firmware. The LEDs stay off, except the blue status LED for D7 voltage ( I did make D7 at HIGH level in the sketch ) .

I tried some other power cables and some factory resets, according to the document, but it didn’t work.

Can it be fixed?


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I just did a successful factory reset. It works now!
I guess I reset wrongly before. :smiley:


Hi @qhwa,

Awesome, glad you got it back up and running!

We’re starting another sprint this Monday, and I think making sure we avoid this confusing error would be a good thing to address. You’re absolutely right though, a factory reset is the best way to get back up and running after this.

Thank you!