Single Blue Flash = Dead core?

Not sure what happened but I didn’t change any of the Electronics I had plugged in at all. I merely tried to update the application I had written. I’m not sure if there was some loose connection or something but now my spark core won’t turn on at all.

When powered up the small blue LED flashes once only and then goes out for good until I power cycle again. Is that the end of my core?? I have it powered by an Apple USB plug - which I thought was fine to use…

Any suggestions to fix it?

Can you perform a factory reset?

If you see light, it should be fine :slight_smile:


Pretty sure I’ve tried that. Indeed pressing and holding the reset button turns the small blue LED back on until the button is released. Mode doesn’t seem to do anything.

Will try again but wasn’t getting any response out of it.

Sorry I’m out running all over Singapore and can’t post a proper guide but look at this

Spark_4 is the latest firmware