Spark Core not recognized via USB in Ubuntu 12.04

For some reason my core isn’t recognized by ubuntu. After initially trying the screen /dev/ttyACM0 9600 command, it fails with output “Cannot exec ‘/dev/ttyACM0’: No such file or directory”

The Connecting your Core page suggests you “poke around” if that location is not recognized…

So I then followed @PaulRB’s method to find out which /dev location the core was listening on, but nothing changed in the sdiff output, i.e. the core is not a recognized device…?

I have previously connected my core via the android app and I will try again, however, I would like to connect the core to my pc. Any help is greatly appreciated…

What code/firmware is currently flashed to the core? If it’s custom code try re-flashing tinker using the android app and see if it shows up then

Try putting the core into listening mode (push mode for 3 seconds) as that turns the serial port on to listen for a ssid and password…

I’m not sure that tinker opens one


Hi @quoudten,

Make sure your firmware has serial open, or try tinker in listening mode :slight_smile: Sometimes on linux it might not show up as an ACM serial device, but a /dev/cuaU... device instead.


You are correct. My mistake. Tinker only opens a serial port in listening mode, not while connected to the wifi.

@quoudten, put the core into listening mode as @Hootie81 suggests and see if it doesn’t show up. Also, @Dave is usually right :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for all the responses, I ended up resetting the memory and the firmware to default and trying again.

Now, I can place the Core into listening mode and access it via USB and enter the network settings. However, now I can’t seem to “claim” the core, I’ve tried resetting a couple times and doing it all over again, but the Build site still says it “Could not claim core.”

Anyone have any idea why I can’t claim my Core now?

Would you mind shooting an email to so we can look into it? Please try to include your core’s ID so we can figure out what’s up

Alright, will do.