Linux USB Connection

I’m not sure how to follow the “Connect to USB” section of I downloaded the CoolTerm app, but then realized I wasn’t even sure where or how the spark core was connecting to my computer. My expectation was that something would show up in /dev (like the Arduino does), but between plugging and unplugging the core I found no changes in that directory. Is there some other step I’m missing to find out how to connect to my spark core?


@theicfire When the Core is in “listening mode” (flashing blue), it should show up in /dev. After the Core is connected to the network, it’s running your code, and so you can make it open a Serial connection by writing the logic for doing so in your own application.

Ah yes, it wasn’t in listening mode. And then a quick “sudo screen /dev/ttyACM0 9600” got it connected to the wifi, after I put in my credentials.