Spark Core fails to connect locally or show up in Device Manager

I am currently new to the Spark Core. I am using Windows. I installed the Spark Core driver and it shows up in my Device manager and I was able to read the serial monitor and find the Device ID using the command ‘i’. However, after connecting the spark core to the internet, when I connect to my computer to either compile locally or to try and read the serial, my computer fails to find the device. As a result, I can not find what serial port it is using and thus can’t read into the Serial Monitor (I’ve tried using PutTTy and Arudino IDE).

Any suggestions? I’l like to be able to compile locally, but if not, is there a way I could read the Serial Monitor without the device connected?


To use serial, you need to add in Serial.begin (baudrate) in your firmware for setup ()

When you are in listening mode (blinking blue), the serial port will be opened (because it’s programmed that way) for you to send in Wifi credentials.

Hope this helps!

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