Serial monitoring and connection

I really want to get local prints from my spark core, Tried everything I could -
I tried doing Serial.print(…) and run the spark cli in serial monitor mode, and I get nothing- it is connected via USB to my mac, logged in, spark is connected to the cloud.

‘spark setup’ gives me:
I didn’t find any cores available via serial
Press and hold the MODE button until your core blinks solid blue

it is blinking solid blue, and ‘list’ gives me zero serial connected devices.
I am on OSX 10.9, what gives?

@idok, make sure to include “Serial.begin(9600);” (or any valid baudrate) in your setup(). This “activates” the serial-port-over-USB and allows you to Serial.print() to any serial terminal program on your PC. :smile:

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I tried flashing a simple app with ‘Serial.begin(9600)’ in the setup() func…
still the mac doesn’t see any device in the ‘spark serial list’ … do I need to enable something/install driver?

spark serial monitor
I didn't find any cores available via serial
No serial port identified

Can you check with other applications like coolterm to see if the device is listed?

not listed… nothing…
wasn’t there supposed to appear something new under /dev?

Solved, thanks to:

Replaced original spark USB cable with a new one… device found!