Spark core is pulsing white some times ? (urgent!)

Hi everyone,

I’m having an issue where on some sparks that I’m flashing with the same code (using sparky tool) I’m getting slowly pulsing white on some of them. This is against the most recent core firmware on github.

They will either stay white sometimes for a abnormally long time and then go pulsing green or stay pulsing white for seemingly forever. If I do factory reset, they go through DFU mode to the blinking reset, but I don’t see the blue waiting for info part of things like usual, just more pulsing white.

As I said, I’ve sometimes left them in and after some lengthy amount of time they come up green.

My solution has been to revert using this:

then do SSID info and upload my new code again.

Would be super helpful to try to identify this is and even, things I might do to mitegate it.

(note the urgent headline, installing a bunch of sparks at the moment)


  • zach

Does it happen every time with the code?

Can you share with me the code or just the .bin so that i can test?

You don’t need to upgrade the factory reset firmware…not sure why you did that but…


code is here:

I did the firmware again just the factory reset would get somewhere besides a white light… When I do the factory firmware reset I get to blue / enter info mode. Then I can run the compile app again using an earlier firmware and upload to test… I think something somewhere is sticking on the startup sequence, would be helpful to know what.


there’s so many files to be used and compile but i don’t have time for that.

If you can have a .bin file which you tested and makes the core pulsing/breathing/flash white, let me know :slight_smile:

sure it’s here;

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also, it doesn’t happen every time with the same code, unfortunately. It seems to be about 1/4 of the devices we’ve programmed.