Spark Core Instructables ? Yes/No

Recently I had a run in with because I was promoting a build for something Adafruit did not carry but, their competitor does. Adafruit is an authorized reseller so says

So, I am going to build some Spark Core Instructables and see how it goes. Right now their is NO Spark Core Instructalbes.

If this goes soar, I’m going to be more than a little bent out of shape. Wish me luck.

The reason I mention this is SeedStudio carries Spark Core - Adafruit Does not.

Instructables for everything! No need to ask, just do :smile:

It would be cool if Adafruit carried the Spark Core. With as much as they promote Open Source, Open Hardware… the Spark Core is a shoe in. Kind of competes with their line of CC3000 products, but I think they can live happily together.

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+1 Yes
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Yes, Do it!

Had to go to a baby shower today and now the important stuff; an Instructable for Spark Core.

If you could figure out how to get a :spark: to go in your place for a baby shower, you’d wind up richer than Bill Gates multiplied by Bill Gates!

LMAO ! I took my Spark Core with me in the box as a prank gift for the baby. I told them they could monitor her heart beat by connecting Mon’s belly button to D6 and Stereo Headset to A1 & A2. Only one out of the 50 people there new anything about a microcontroller. We are talking about Dr., Lawyers, Vice Presidents at a software company and an Oil Company

+1 for Instructables!

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+1 for Spark-powered stand-ins for social obligations


+100 on all of the above