Spark.IO is a great replacement for Arduino projects


Weeks ago, I bought a 8x8x8 LED cube. After many hours of bending and solder the 512 LEDs, the cube should be driven by an Arduino. The Arduino will mounted outside the cube with 5 wires. This is ugly. So I choose a Spark core and mounted it right under the main PCB. The space there is small, so I soldered the core on a Adafruit board and cut the pins close to the board. Now the core is inside the cube housing, still programmable over the cloud.


*sniff, sniff* That has got to be *sniff* one of the most beautiful *sniff, sniff* things I have ever *sniff* seen! You have me in tears over here!

Did that come as a kit from somewhere?

I just realized that, aside from LEDs, I have everything on-hand to make a 4x4 cube!


That is sexy! Where did you get the box from?

Woah, that is beautiful!

I went looking for it as well and didn’t find it. Looks great! Hope you can create some Spark.function()'s to control the colors and patterns from a web app too, that would be rad.

The Cube is a kit from YFRobot which I find on a Electronic Webshop in Switzerland
Its color is blue, no RGB LEDs. The box came with the kit.

Software can be found here


Hello Mate,

My misses bought me this cube for Christmas but it didn’t come with any instructions could you please point me in the right direction? Also if you have some additional advice and instruction about the controller your post mentions that would be good too.



The controller would probably be the Spark Core, which is what this forum is about. Take a look at for more info about it. It’s basically an internet connected overpowered Arduino-like microcontroller, with a lot more cool functions.

Here are code and instruction of assembling

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I bought the cube. Unfortunately, the connection scheme of the cube to the Arduino to the manufacturer’s website does not match reality. In your photos is difficult to see where the Core is connected.
Could you please give a detailed connection scheme to the Core.


Thank you!

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if you want RGB version of this, watch this video

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Thank you very much indeed for putting together the translated instructions. I think I now feel confident enough to give it a go with my kit. the only bit I don’t quite understand it the last picture, “connect the rows, row 1 to H1 …” are these just extra bits of stiff wire going up from the extra holes on the board to the individual rows? its hard to see in the picture because of the red lines they have drawn on them…

Many Thanks