What to do with Arduinos?

Before I learned about the Spark Core Kickstarter campaign, I was playing around with Arduino and a nRF24L01+ mesh network. Once I learned about the Spark Core, I basically dropped everything I was working on. Finally a cheap, powerful, wi-fi enabled MCU package! Once I get another Spark or two, I’ll probably try to port over the nRF24L01 stuff and use it as a gateway (instead of a crappy RaspberryPi).

Does anyone else have a stack of Arduinos now collecting dust? Any project ideas for integrating them with the Spark?

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If you’re experimenting with mesh, I think it could be pretty cool to see a connected mesh where all of the nodes are controlled through the API. I could imagine making them individually addressable, where one device (either a Core hooked up to the nRF24L01+ or a Core paired with an Arduino) acts as the gateway, and everything else connects to the cloud through the gateway

Actually, the library I was using does allow them to be individually addressed. The author has a pretty good write-up on his blog.

If we can get the issue with my 2nd :spark: resolved, I’ll probably use it as the nRF24L01 gateway. Then I’ll need to buy more :spark:s to use for development since my others will be in “production”.