Spark Core IFTTT and Numerous App Sample

This is a simple IFTTT sample to send Light Value from LDR Sensor to Numerous Application. The Spark Core firmware reads Light Sensor value and publish it, the IFTTT recipe updates the Numerous Application number whenever a publish occur.

How to use

Spark Core Setup

  1. Create a new project
  2. Copy this firmware and paste to the project
  3. Flash the firmware


  1. Log on to
  2. Create a new Recipe
  3. Create Trigger using Spark Core Event
  4. In your Numerous App, create one IFTTT Number and name it as Light Level
  5. Create Action using Numerous App
  6. Save the Recipe



I was about to make a very similar post. This is my results using a temperature and humidity sensor.


Any chance you could share your code? I want to do exactly this (temp + humidity) for my basement. Thanks!

@spncr2, you just connect a temperature & humidity sensor like DHT22 and publish spark events and create IFTTT recipe, it is fairly simple.

Hi @krvarma, thank you for the response. I’m a beginner and at the point of publishing the particle event. I have: Particle.publish("basement-temp", String(temperature), 60, PRIVATE);.

It compiles but I don’t think it’s right or not sure why String(temperature) actually works.

@spncr2, sorry for the late reply, somehow I missed this post.

What issue you are facing, are you able to connect temperature sensor and read the values? I suggest you to do Serial Print the value and see it is coming. Once that is sure, then publish it and configure the IFTTT recipe.

Hello guys,

Numerous App was shut down as of 5/1/2016. Is there a similar App that allows to publish variables?