Spark.Publish DHT11 Temp data...please help

Hello All. I have cobbled together various examples and libraries to get my DHT11 sensor to sample every 20 seconds and display the data on an I2C 128x64 OLED. So far so good but this is just the beginning of what I hope to build. I would like to start using Spark.Variable and Spark.Publish to keep track of values I getting from this sensor and the sensors to follow. All in all I will have the following running from my Spark Core (will switch to Photon when it arrives): 2 x Relays or PowerTail switches, Air/Humidity Sensor (switching to something more accurate than the DHT11 down the road), 128x64 OLED in I2C mode, One Wire waterproof sensor, a few RGB LEDs (NeoPixels) and a water PSI sensor (need help finding one if anyone has any ideas). Could someone look at my code and tell me how to capture the DHT.getFahrenheit as a Spark.Variable that can then be published?

Code is posted on my GitHub:

Have a look at this:


And their corresponding documentation over here:
and here:

A forum search should also point you toward several topics in which the same has been done. Do check those out, give it a try, and let us know if you can’t figure it out :smile: