Spark core doesn't connect

Hi any way to set spark ssid or anything without wifi, phone and particle cli on desktop doesn’t find it, have feelings it’s trying to hang on neighbors wifi

You can try setting your WiFi network credentials in firmware, and flashing it via USB.

But… you should be able to see every (2.4GHz) WiFi network available… By any chance are you trying to connect to a 5GHz WiFi network?

You can use a simple serial terminal to connect to the device and use the w command.

Hi, thx, how to do it? could you suggest please?

What OS are you on?

I’m on Windows and use PuTTY.
You just connect via a USB cable, look for your device in Device Manager and note the COM port.
Open that COM port with your serial terminal program (e.g. PuTTY) and just type w.
Then just type in the info the device asks you for

  • SSID
  • network type (0 … open, 1 … WEP, 2 … WPA, 3 … WPA2)
  • (depending on visibility of you network you might be asked for WLAN cipher)
  • password

That’s it.

blinking with green, doesn’t ask for network type :frowning: and then after some time just stays purple

Have you pressed ENTER after typing in the SSID?
Is this a hidden network?
What network type would it be?

After entering SSID and pressing ENTER the device should still stay in Listening Mode (blinking blue), if it didn’t you may have waited too long with your input.

I am to say I have a core and I dropped trying to make it work again… standard procedure fails even with support…