Spark Core disconnecting frequently [SOLVED]

I use to be able to reflash my core consistently just weeks ago… Now I can reflash it but after about a 30 second delay I loose network connectivity. It resets itself for a while… then looses network connectivity and I can no longer reflash it without a factory reset.

The code does appear to run successfully even after it looses the network (I’m not speaking to the cloud)

Could this be my code? Or is it likely to be a recent firmware change?

Hi @Dom - there have been firmware changes regarding the connectivity but generally speaking they increase the stability rather than decreasing it. Have you changed the firmware that you’re running? It’s very possible that this could be an interaction between your code and ours.

Also, changing the title to be more searchable.

We did roll out some improvements today (Friday), but one change could cause OTA interruptions for extremely high latency connections, I’ll be patching that Saturday. Please feel free to PM me your core ID if you want, and I can check the logs to see if its impacted by this.


Sorted… my bad… I’m so embarrassed.

No worries! I changed the title, feel free to let me know if I should take off the “[Solved]” or if you have more details about what was the issue.


The usual… I had a loop inside of loop() that held onto control for 30+ seconds… That caused the outage. Simply recoding it to a sensible approach i.e. making use of loop() solved the problem…