Intermittent Cloud Connectivity [Resolved]

Some community users are reporting intermittent connection to the :cloud:.

If you are experiencing similar issues, please bear with us while the Spark team is notified and replies with an official report.



Devices unable to connect

Investigating - The ops team is responding. 

Feb 2, 08:27 CST




 Resolved - There was a problem with the device service's database connections. Everything's back online now. 
        Feb 2, 08:39 CST

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I just received a new Spark Core, and am now experiencing intermittent connectivity. The device maintains a connection to the cloud for about 45 seconds or so, and then the red LED flashes and the core goes offline.

I have found this to be the case whether or not the device is near the router, and whether or not it is powered by a PC through USB (as opposed to a wall adapter).

Any thoughts? Could this somehow be related to the original issue in this thread?

@NickOveracker, are you running your own app on the Core or just out-of-the-box Tinker?

My own app. It works fine on an older core that I got from the first shipment ages ago.

But, I’ll try flashing Tinker and see if anything changes.

Edit: It’s interesting to note that I wasn’t able to claim the Core with my phone, even though I was able to connect it to the cloud. I had to claim it manually.

@peekay123: Tinker seems to work fine. Then, there is something about my program that causes it to disconnect, but I can’t imagine what.

I do make use of a delay function, but the maximum delay is about 12 microseconds… not enough to cause connectivity issues.

Some of the inputs are disconnected (high-impedance). Could attempting to read these inputs cause any trouble? This is the only difference between this Core and the old Core I was using.

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Can you post your code?

Snipped and reposted as a new topic.