Connection to cloud is not stable

Since tonight the core doesn’t flash. Is it special to me?
The core is running, then quickly it will flash cyan (connection to the cloud), eventually it will come to breathing cyan for a few second, and start over.
Because of this, I can’t flash any program to the spark core. My internet seems to be OK, anybody else has issue? says it’s fine…

Hi @Fabien , That is weird. We haven’t seen anything abnormal with the cloud today. Have you changed WiFi networks or routers recently? Or are there a lot of people on the WiFi network as compared to other times when it was working? Sometimes network noise or changes in network settings can cause connectivity issues.

Alternatively, if the problem persists, feel free to email me at joe at spark dot io with your device ID and I can dig into the logs and see if I can find anything strange on our end.

I’ve been having some problems with my :spark: all morning as well. It was fine last night but after trying to update the code this morning it’s been alternating between breathing cyan for a couple of minutes then just flashing green for 5 or so minutes, then sometimes it will connect back to the cloud for a minute and go right back to flashing green. I’ve had no network changes, I’ve reset my router and reset the :spark:.

I’ve reset it twice and we are back up and working!

What type of user app code are you running on the Core. Does it involve long delays?