Spark Core App Store

I had an idea about how to deal with the devices which have Spark Cores built into them - regarding flashing the firmware on devices.

By enhancing the Spark Mobile App to include an App Store “search for an app” feature. So for example you just got a Charm drone or a Choosatron in the post, you would just install the spark app as usual, then search for Charm in the Spark Core App Store.

It would then ask for your Wi-Fi password and other configuration for that app, such as sensitivity, hover mode, follow mode or whatever. Then you just “Flash it Now” with one button.

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I think this would save makers time if they want to build custom hardware they wouldn’t need to write an app, just provide the firmware and say an xml config file which describes each variable and description text which needs to be set and put in a standard place in eeprom.

That sounds similar to L3D CubeTube. If you’re not familiar with the L3D Cube, it’s an 8x8x8 RGB LED cube that’s powered by the Spark Core.

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Yes that does look similar, except by having everything taken care of by Spark all the users would get a similar experience. Also you would only need to register with Spark, not with Spark and then register on a website etc. Spark has made things a lot easier for building products, but still there are a lot of skills needed - if you remove the need to build an iphone app and an android app or a website then it makes things quite a bit easier.

We are thinking about building some sort of “apps tube” and wonder if it still sound interesting or not… anyone?