Flashing multiple cores simultaneously

@zachary, I’m interested in using the Spark Core in an embedded consumer product where the device owner will not directly interact with the core, but via a central web portal that only calls functions exposed by firmware I push to all devices. If the firmware is updated, is there a way to push the new firmware to all of the devices that have been purchased and are connected? Would I have to call the API for each and every device or can a pool of DEVICE_ID’s be passed. Another solution would be to force a GET of new firmware with the device is reset or powered on. Product owners can be alerted via email and instructed to reset their device. Do you have any suggestions with the current API’s or something you may have on your future road map?

Great question @pkucera! This use case is absolutely central to our consumer product strategy. There is already seamless auto-update functionality built-in—note that the Core automatically updates after a factory reset.

The creator of a Spark-powered product will be able to get stats on all their products and push firmware updates to every product in the field easily. Keep prototyping, and when you’re starting the think about placing a big order, get in touch. Cheers!

Thanks Zachary. I have a prototype of the product built with a Raspberry Pi, but it’s overkill on the compute power and not at all consumer friendly on the hardware/software side, not to mention the overall end-cost would not be economical. Unfortunately, I did not stumble on the Spark Core until well after the Kickstarter campaign. I have placed an order for a Core and have been in communication with @Steph about getting a demo version to re-work into the prototype. While I wait, I have been drafting the architecture design of the Spark solution and consumer web portal. After I receive the Core and confirm it will work in this product, I will certainly want to talk. It’s a great idea. Regards!