Spark controlled Nordic Treadmill (Web based treadmill interface)

I’ve coded the firmware that controls my treadmill’s speed controller from a Wifi spark. I can now control my treadmill’s speed and incline from any computer (even from China if that matters, lol). No more using the treadmill’s basic dashboard which is good because it’s hidden and inaccessible behind the 27" monitor covering it. Yes, this is another “workout while you work” treadmill workstation.

Girl, look at that body, I work out! - LMFAO

So anyway, how do I share the project so my other fellow geeks can tone those glutes? I can’t seem to download the files so I can put them up on github or something. I could cut and paste, sure, but I figured there should be a better way to keep my project on in sync with github. The web based UI is not implemented yet but I’ll have a rough draft up quickly.

I have a few issues that crop up, I don’t think they are a code problem though, because the treadmill keeps running fine (thus it’s computing PWM ok). I am using the clould based variables, functions and the Spark.publish() features for events.
(1) The cloud is farily slow, sometimes about a second for a response.
(2) Sometimes the cloud returns timeout. The eventing seems to lag or become unresponsive for a bit too, but sometimes an event still get’s through. Sometimes events are coming through fine yet I can’t read a variable or call a function.

Any ideas?