Some electrons (US & Eur both) appear in "Other" devices in list in Build IDE

I have a number of Electron devices associated with my account, both European and US types. In the Build IDE, when looking at the “Devices” sidebar, some devices are correctly listed under the “Electron” section, but many are under the “Other” section.

Does this have any implications? Anything to be concerned about?
I am debugging a failure-to-OTA situation that is quite distressing, and trying to go through every possible issue.

If these OTHER devices are set up as Product in the Particle Console or had code flashed that featured the PRODUCT_ID() macro, OTA flashing might be affected.
Is any of the above the case?

It is. That explains in. Onwards with the troubleshooting.
I just submitted a support ticket, but in case you’re already reading this: is there a known limitation for flash devices to and from firmwares with PRODUCT_ID’s and VERSION’s declared with the varius tools (build, cli, console)?

Not sure what kind of limitation you’d suspect to exist.

Usually versioning only goes forward, you wouldn’t like to have an existing version to be altered after having devices setup and possibly locked to a particular version nor would you want a device running on v10 to go back to v9 for any reason.

But if you are still developing you might want to mark the respective device as dev device in console to prevent a forced OTA revert to an officially submitted version.

If you had a device assigned (explicitly via console or implicitly via PRODUCT_ID()) to a product of your own, you need to remove that device from the product in console and flash new code without the macro (best via USB to prevent implicit reassignment).
If you happened to use a “foreign” product ID, your device probably got quarantined there and hence you may need to have support to take care of freeing your device for you.