Device type is a question mark in Web IDE and Particle Dev

I have a 3G Electron using a 3rd party SIM card that I have gotten to successfully connect to the Particle Cloud.

I had to use the command line interface to compile since my device type keeps showing as a question mark icon in both the Web IDE and in Particel Dev for desktop. See following screenshot:

That means that every time I would like to compille I need to switch to the command line and enter particle compile electron --target 0.5.3 myFolder instead of just clicking the compile button in IDE

Is there a way to get the IDE to recognize my device as an Electron so that I can just click on the handy dandy compile button and it will automatically compile for Electron?

This only seems to be an issue with this particular Electron, my other one is recognized in IDE as type Electron and has no issues automatic compiling for it.

Did you have that device set up with a different PRODUCT_ID() or had it setup as a product in the Particle Console at any time?

It seems as if the cloud lost the connection between the device ID and the PRODUCT_ID/PLATFORM_ID

Maybe @Dave can help.

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Hey, yes the device is currently setup as the only device in a product that we have created.

Note that both the Devices section of Particle Console as well as Products/myProduct section of Particle Console show my device as an Electron, as shown in following screenshots:


Still having the same problem ( device not being recognized as an Electron in either Web IDE or Particle Dev IDE ).

Hi @jaza_tom,

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll pass this along to the team.


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Hi @Dave, how is it going with this issue?

I got the exactly same problem: one of my two Photons displays as a question mark in Build and Particle Dev.


Still having the same issue on my end: