New Desktop IDE

I have downloaded and installed the new Desktop IDE, it mostly seems to be working with the exception of the preprocessor. I use PLATFORM_ID==0 to detect a compilation target of the Particle Core

   #if PLATFORM_ID==0 || PLATFORM_ID==2     // core / core hd
        #include "looper.h"
        looper myScheduler;

The preprocessor code worked in the previous Desktop IDE but has now stopped working.

Anyone else experienced this?

Found the issue…

When selecting a photon device, the Desktop IDE automatically selects the device type as “Photon”.

When selecting a core device the Desktop IDE DOES NOT automatically selects the device type as “Core”. This is fixed by manually selecting Core from the device type.

I am sure it’s not just going to be me that gets caught out with this inconsistency.


Going to try and confirm this on my end. It’s not an issue for Photon/Electron/Pi on my machine, but I need to find a Core to do some additional testing with :slight_smile:

Just confirmed that this is an issue for the Core platform. I’m going to add as an open issue for the Desktop IDE, here, and have pinged our internal dev:


Hey there! Looks like a fix was created and should be deployed before too long. Thanks for reporting!

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