[Solved] SDFAT Library not loading

I’m trying to use the SDFAT library, but it’s not wanting to load. I’ve noticed any other library I select doesn’t want to load unless I clear my cache, but the SDFAT won’t load regardless. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there anyway I can get around it?

Where are you trying to use the library (Web IDE, Desktop IDE, CLI)?

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@suda Sorry, I meant to mention I’m using the web IDE.

@TrentonH1, the SdFat updated his library to 2.0 but it now seems that the library is too large to work (due to documentation). I’ll post an issue on the author’s repo.


@TrentonH1, the author, @whg, has updated the library to fix the issue and it now loads on the IDE.

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Thanks for the quick help!

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