SD Library unable to compile

Hey @BDub and @Dave,

i forgot to bring along my SD files on my Mac and i had to download the repo and attempt to compile.

Some error though. Any ideas?

Also, @BDub here’s a :facepunch: for you. The SD library is so outdated and i see #include <Application.h> everywhere! Time for an update :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a discussion of upgrading SdFat over here -

All of those IPAddress errors appear with every single build - both offline and online (only online the warnings are hidden if there are no errors.) Someone has checked in code that generates these warnings (there are lots throughout the whole codebase…lots of warnings is not a metric of good code quality :stuck_out_tongue:). You’ll need to scroll down further past the warnings so we can see what the error is.

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