SdFat Library doesn't compile

Hi everyone

I’m using SdFat Library in my project, it compile and works OK, all of sudden, the web IDE report some including file missing and causing fatal error, even the example doesn’t compile, can anyone giving a helping hand?


Which one is it?
Can we see some code and the exact error?

Hi mate
even the example “trymefirst” can’t compile, I notice that I was using the version 0.0.4 the new one is o.o.6, it was working yesterday without any modification.


This is the error message

In file included from lib/SdFat/src/SdSpiCard.h:29:0,
from lib/SdFat/src/SdFat.h:30,
from /src/trymefirst.cpp:1:

lib/SdFat/src/SdSpi.h:244:21: fatal error: SoftSPI.h: No such file or directory
#include “SoftSPI.h”

compilation terminated.
make[1]: *** […/build/target/user/platform-6src/trymefirst.o] Error 1
make: *** [user] Error 2

Hey all,

Having the same issue. Was working with these libraries yesterday and now I get

fatal error: SdSpiCard/SdSpiCard.h: No such file or directory

Hi Particle

it’s the issue of particle WEB IDE, It seems all project which include Lib will have the issue, We need particle to solve this problem!


Are you able to use a more stable environment like Particle Dev?

by manhandling some undef ARDUINO lines, we have got our code compiling now.

In another thread, someone indicated that now the compiler is 0.6.1? It was 0.6.0 yesterday. Could this be the issue?

Hi mattmcf

May be this is the case, I just change to 0.6.0, it compile, big thanks for this information, can’t proceed with this, BTW, which file need to be changed, if don’t mind

thanks again

Hey Edward,

Glad to know that reverting 0.6.0 worked for you. How did you do that btw? I didn’t realize we could specify firmware version with the CLI or particle dev.

We put undef ARDUINO in SDFat.h and SPIFat.h.

  • Matt

Hi Matt

I use the Web IDE, you can select the device and then you can specify the version for that device


Haven’t found that in Dev yet, but for CLI it’s been there for a while

particle compile photon . --target 0.6.0
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