[SOLVED]Problem in reclaiming my new photon

Hi everyone, I’m new here.
I tried to connect my photon with the android app but I got stucked when it try to “Verify product ownership”. So I tried the tutorial to connect by USB. I Installed the particle CLI and I tried the particle setup, but when the Photon tries to connect to the cloud I received a message that said something like “it’s seems your photon is not able to…”. After that I used “particle identify” to obtain my ID but when I used “particle device add ID” it doesn’t work. I tried to factory reset the device and now I have the SOS red error #1 (green flashes than …—… and 1 red flash). Now I can’t do anything, I can’t even go to listening mode. I Tried to reset different times but it doesn’t change anything. Please help :frowning:

PS: I also tried the “particle device doctor” it said it went good but still not able to associate my photon to my account.

Could you put it in DFU mode and issue a particle update through the CLI? Put it in DFU mode again, and do particle flash --usb tinker. After that, hold the SETUP button until it starts blinking blue rapidly (about 10 seconds). When that’s over, it should be in listening mode (blinking blue). You should then be able to configure it again, using either the app or the CLI.

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For clarity, once it’s in setup / listening mode you can setup, from the computer, with the particle setup command

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when I use “particle install --usb tinker” I get "particle: Unknown command: “install”. “particle setup” ends with no connection to the cloud ( blinking green) when it tried to verify cloud connectivity. From the smartphone instead it get stucked in "verifing product ownership"
EDIT: I have 2 photon connected at the moment to the cloud, this third one doesn’t want to be reclaimed. I also tried to use “particle Identify” and add the ID from the web IDE but it doesn’t work.

Ow, that one’s one me. It should have been particle flash --usb tinker, edited that accordingly.

Before you do that though, make sure you’ve updated your CLI by using npm update -g particle-cli. Then do particle update while connected in DFU mode.

When that’s done, put it into listening mode and do particle serial wifi and try setting it up like that. You might have to add it with particle device add [id]

solved, thanks!

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