[SOLVED]Photon Not Appearing In App And Won't Enter Safe Mode

My Photon won’t appear in the Particle app when put into Listening mode, so I’m unable to claim it. I’ve tried putting the Photon ID into Particle Build but it just gives me errors. The Photon also refuses to enter Safe Mode. I hold down setup and reset together, let go of reset while holding onto setup until it starts flashing magenta and then let go, but then it immediately stops flashing magenta and goes back to whatever it was flashing before. If I keep holding setup it goes into DFU. These are all new issues and didn’t happen because of newly flashed code because there was functioning code that was on the Photon that I hadn’t altered when this problem began taking place. Please help.

After a near day of difficulties, the problem has seemed to fix itself? I have no idea what I did to fix it.