[SOLVED]Photon firmware reset isn´t possible


Since two weeks I´m playing around with the photon. Starting with the Tinker firmware and after that I did my own one with two PT100 and thingspeak, which works fine.
After I flashed “ds18x20-temperature.ino” to work with a DS18B20 my photon isn´t connecting with the cloud. After reboot firmware starts and I got the messages via serial interface. But no connection with the cloud. Also a factory reset isn´t working. When I press the two buttons and release the Mode button the RGB led is off and don´t flash white (waiting for more than a minute). I can set photon to listening mode, with the CLI I try to setup the WLAN setting but here I got still the message “obtaining device information’s” and nothing happens. So how can I go on? Do I have to flash the bootloader and initial firmware?

Thanks for your help in advance

First, there is no factory reset on the Photon, since Safe Mode should be just as good.
And second … see below :wink:

Got a link to the sample code?

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Pressing the reset button will cut the power to the board, and thus ‘reset’ it. It’s the same as unplugging it. Holding reset is thus the same as taking out the power. What exactly were you expecting to happen?

That’s very strange. According to the docs, that should work. I just looked it up, and it says the following:“Factory reset is not available on the Photon/P1”.
Hmm, that might have something to do with it…

All that’s to say that reading the documentation isn’t a bad thing. Give it a try, and maybe you’ll find some interesting things in there, like ‘safe mode’.

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OK Thanks for your help.
After I set the photon to the safe mode and reset the wlan setting. I could start from the scratch and now everything works fine.
Thanks again for you supprt.