Photon reset trouble

I have trouble with my Photon, I’m using WebBuild, but my device currently disconnecting from WiFi few second aftrer boot.
I think, it can be device error, or my last fw, which calling client.stop(), I don’t know.

But, I try to reset Photon using hold SETUP+RESET, release reset, wait for yellow and after white, but white never light up, only yellow for long time.
I try to Flash firmware, to latest one using DFU, I sucesfully reflash, but problem still here.

Can after firmware Flash, remail my app at Photon or it’s other problem?

Thanks for comments

Hi, now I find out, my app still exist at Photon,
because they sending data,
how can I get out app from Photon

Using Win and “particle Flash” not work for me, because of device timeout (at normal and dfu mode too)

Have a look here to see why the reset didn’t work:

Could you try getting the device in Safe Mode and then flashing “blink an LED” from the Web IDE? See if that works.