[SOLVED]Particle-api-js install error

I am developing a web app using node.js and I need to call a function in the Cloud.

When I type: npm install particle-api-js or npm install particle-api-js --save in the cmd ( I am using Windows 7) the module does not install in the node_module folder of my proyect, instead a file called npm-debug.log is created.

What can be wrong? Is there any program I must have to do this?

Mario, open up the .log file in your favorite text editor to view the logs. I’m surprised you don’t get an error in your console when you execute the npm install particle-api-js command. Can you double-check to see if you do get an error and, if so, post it here?

Thanks, in the cmd it is said:
-not found: git

Could I possibly get a screenshot of the error/your console?

You need to install Git (https://git-scm.com/download/win). Once you do close your command prompt, open it up again, and try the install again.

It is working now.

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