Am I installing Node.js/particle-api-js correctly?

Hi, I’m trying to install particle-api-js.

I have Node and Xcode(Still not sure if I need it for this :P) on my computer, Node is running v6.2.0, and npm 3.8.9.
Whenever I type npm install particle-api-js I’ll get a few “WARN” messages that look like this:

└─┬ particle-api-js@5.2.7 
  └── stream-http@2.2.1  (git://

npm WARN enoent ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/Users/ben/package.json'
npm WARN ben No description
npm WARN ben No repository field.
npm WARN ben No README data
npm WARN ben No license field.

Now, i’m a complete newbie when it comes to the Terminal, so I have zero idea what this means.
However I looked up “ENOENT” errors, And if I understand what it means, Node is saying package.json doesn’t exist, right? Or I need to “direct” Node to it? (Although that wouldn’t make sense because package.json is in the same folder, and I don’t see anything about them.)

Any help is appreciated!
Thanks for reading.

particle-api-js serves as a library to be included in your NodeJS app. You can install it with npm install but that wouldn’t be useful.

If you want a utility to interact with your :particle: devices, you can use the CLI. Install it using: npm install -g particle-cli

Huh? :confused:
I’d do it just the same way and it’s even suggested in the repo

But since it’s just a warning I’d not be too worried. Just test it and see whether the package works anyway.

@kennethlimcp @ScruffR
Oh…I knew it was a library, I thought it would use Xcode or my Terminal to access it…Thanks for clearing that up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t the CLI a terminal as well? I was hoping to use JavaScript to code my Particle device. I’m more familiar with JS than C+. Can I do this?

Not for the time being - sorry :wink:

Aight, Thanks for both your help! @kennethlimcp @ScruffR