[Solved] P1 Consistent Wifi Failure

Hello Community,

I have been facing a very odd issue with my P1’s in my custom circuit board. So far we have been using our product offline and had the SYSTEM_MODE set to SEMI_AUTOMATIC. We recently tried to switch to AUTOMATIC mode on our custom board, but we are consistently getting the module to continuously reset.

We thought this was a software issue and simplified to just a simple serial print test but we face the same issue: works in SEMI, crashes in AUTO (cant keep the serial port open for more than a few seconds). To help continue narrowing it down, we left the P1 in SEMI and started using WiFi.on() and WiFi.connect()… it still continues to freeze as long as we try anything with WiFi.

Another oddity happening on all our custom boards is pressing the setup button to ground setup (tried with and without pullup) for 3 seconds while the P1 is running, does not lead to the P1 going into listening mode. We know our setup button works since we are able to put into DFU without any issue. Because we cannot enter listening mode, we are not able to validate the P1 using the Particle app nor Serial Wifi Setup.

Does anyone know how hardware or circuit issues could lead to a P1 behaving in this strange way? What could be causing the P1 to not want to activate the wifi hardware? All of our firmware works fine offline so this issue has been very odd for us.

Note: we are on firmware 5.3… where the crashes happen… on firmware 6rc2 it doesnt crash but just hangs (even serial prints dont occur)


After further investigation, it was a power issue on our custom board, providing sufficient power to pins 26-27 but not enough power to pins 2-3 (which led to having a functional P1 but dysfunctional wifi chip). No longer having issues.

Hope this helps others in the future!

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