[Solved] GPIO Newbie Question

I’m trying to read through the spec sheet on the p1 and it says that it has 24 GPIO. When I look at the Pinout Diagrams I see 3 diagrams. How am I to read which of these pins are the 24 GPIO’s that I will be able to use?


@incorvia, did you see this?


@peekay123 thanks for that resource. So it appears, according to that resource that the following can be used as digital GPIO

D0-D7 (8)
A0-A7 (8)
DAC (1)
RX (1)
TX (1)

That’s 25 but the sheet I referenced says 24 GPIO… am I off by one?

@incorvia, must be a freebie! @BDub, any comments?

DAC and A6 are the same pin, so I think you counted that twice.


Thanks everyone got it!

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