All GPIO of Photon


Hi guys
I’m curious on how to use the rest of the GPIOs of the photon as digital outs.
i.e. How do I use the DAC, WKP, RX AND TX pins in the web IDE as digital outs? Do I use them as A6-A9 to asign my readings or variables?

pinMode(A9, OUTPUT)
pinMode(TX, OUTPUT)

sorry if it is already answer in other post, couldn’t find it.



Have you tried any of that?
If you did, you’d have got an error message for A9 but TX would have built just fine - so would all the other pin labels :wink:


Hi, thank you!

DAC and WKP as A6 and A7, worked.
A8 and A9 didn’t, used instead RX and TX.
Thank you for the reply.