P1 DAC/SPI pins

Trying too understand correct pins for DAC1/SCK and DAC2/SSN? on P1. @BDub can you help?

I see the following:

Spark.lbr shows the following. These are my guesses as to which one is DAC1 and DAC2.

These 2 pins look reversed in “https://raw.githubusercontent.com/spark/photon/master/pin-mapping/photon-pinmap.png

Right! That’s just a coincidence that they are 22 and 24. The PØ is a different module than the P1 and just happens to have DAC1 and DAC2 on similar pin numbers :slight_smile: So your schematic view is flipped, DAC1 would be pin 24 of the P1, and DAC2 is pin 22 of the P1.

Thank you @BDub! I thought the only difference between P0 and P1 was the PCB antenna. If that is not the case, am I missing a more recent update for P1 pin mapping than this? https://github.com/spark/photon/blob/master/pin-mapping/p1-pinmap.xlsx

I’m questioning other pins now such as SPI3 interface, which I copied from the P0 pinmapping.

Just like the Photon, I actually have a whole datasheet written for the PØ and P1. Just need to finish up some of the images before release. In fact, I need to update some as well or I would post the pinout images here tentatively.


Looking forward to it @BDub. Hoping to have PCBs ready to receive P1’s by the time they get here.

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@coolnewt hot off the presses:

P1 Datasheet http://docs.particle.io/photon/p1-datasheet/


It would be awesome to have the P1 datasheet pinned up so its readily accessible. Thanks for this!