Photon SPI Pinout Question

I’m integrating a device with a Photon using SPI. In hooking up the pins, I’m a bit confused about which pins are appropriate.

I looked at the documentation here: and compared it with the P0 schematic here:

Specifically, it seems to me that there’s a discrepancy in the pin for SPI SS. The pinout spreadsheet from the Photon Datasheet Section 3.3 lists SPI1_SS as matching Photon Pin A2. However, pin A2 is lined up with the P0 pin MICRO_GPIO_6 in that same spreadsheet.

The P0 schematic would seem to confirm this, as it shows SPI_SS/PA4 corresponding to Photon pin DAC.

Am I missing something here, or should the spreadsheet in the Photon Datasheet section 3.3 be updated to list SPI1_SS as matching pin DAC?

Thank you!

@andrewa, SS pin is code settable ;). SSI1_SS is the “default” hardware pin defined if i am not wrong.