A0 pin in P1 (documentation error?)

Looking at P1 datasheet http://docs.particle.io/photon/p1-datasheet/

Pin A0 listed as pin 54 of P1

Later in section: 3.4 COMPLETE P1 MODULE PIN LISTING
we see:


Going back to 3.3 PIN OUT DIAGRAMS
There is no info on pin #50

If pin 54 can’t play as ADC then I just received a batch of pretty PCB souvenirs…

@sparkly, pretty sure its just a documentation error. I’m running my touch screen using A0 as one of the ADC’s and the screen is working as it should.

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Yes that is an error, sorry about that! A0 is pin 50. I have that and other errors documented here (errata if you will): https://github.com/spark/docs/issues/19

Hi, all. Terribly sorry about all of that. These datasheets have been removed from the docs site. They will return, rising like a phoenix from the ashes, when we deem them error-free.

@sparkly, I’m sending you a PM to see what we can do to help out with that PCB problem.

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Bumping this topic rather than starting a new one,

Is there a Pin Map for the GPIO for the P1 ?
My eagle symbol doesn’t seem to match the calls I need to make.

( Using the 0.4.3 build environment. )

Can you explain more what you are trying to do?

Toggle some pins, just using the pinMode() and digitalWrite() for now.

Pin map index number I have to call doesn’t match the names in stm32f2xx/pinmap_hal.c

For example I’m trying to toggle P1 pin 45 (named GPIO_7 on the eagle symbol), after some experimentation I found using pinMode(2, x ) & digitalWrite(2, y ) worked even though 2 is listed as GPIO_5 in the pinmap_hal.c file. The same is true for other pins listed as GPIO.

Since the P1 datasheet is down at the moment, I thought I’d ask here if anyone knows where I could find the info.

Hi @jakeypoo! We expect the P1 datasheet to come back online on Monday. In the meantime…

Pin 45 is D2. Therefore

pinMode(D2, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(D2, !digitalRead(D2));

should toggle it.