[SOLVED] Fix P1 keys without USB

Hi all.

I have a (sadly for me) urgent question.

My product built on the P1 has (once again) lost its Particle keys, but this latest iteration of our hardware has no USB connector.

How can I go about fixing the keys in the board without a USB?

Thanks in advance.

For other people’s reference, Rick generally has the answers:

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Thanks! Also you may want to consider using this library to save and restore the device private key to avoid this problem. You can even save the device keys in the onboard external SPI flash on the P1 module.

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Hi Rick.
Yes I am ABSOLUTELY going to implement that, been on the plan since you released it a few weeks back (I saw your post and Ethan @ Particle recommended it also), however with product launch at a trade show tomorrow… sadly for me, it just has to wait until next week. :slight_smile: