[SOLVED] Error upon using B and C pins Electron

I am creating a project and want to use the B and C pins on the Electron. While prototyping I get the following error:

electron_v1.cpp:30:21: error: 'B5' was not declared in this scope

The same error occurs when using C pins.
This is my code:

const int out1Pin = C2;                      // H-bridge leg 1 (pin 2, 1A)
const int out2Pin = B5;                      // H-bridge leg 2 (pin 7, 2A)

I can set pin numbers for B and A pins and they turn purple in the IDE, but the C and B pins stay white.
Can someone help me with this problem?

Make sure you’ve selected an Electron as the build target.

If you’re using Particle Build (Web IDE), click the Devices icon on the left (circle with lines, the target icon) and make sure there’s a gold star next to an Electron device.


Thanks! I fixed it!
My electron wasn’t added to my devices yet because the setup.particle.io was taking ages in Chrome (fixed it using edge).