Getting Electron connected to MyDevices

Very simple Electron app that is (for staters) periodically reporting a 12v battery voltage to Particle cloud and webhooking over to Mail Gun.

I am using the Web build environment.

Next step is to connect up to MyDevices.

I included the cayenne-particle library, so now the app starts out with …

#define CAYENNE_PRINT Serial
// This #include statement was automatically added by the Particle IDE.
#include <cayenne-particle.h>

Subsequent build of the app can’t find cayenne-particle.h

What am I doing wrong?


If your code looks like that then you are missing a closing >

If you do have that in place you’re probably targeting a version 0.5.2 or before. Go for 0.6.4+

Cut past error on the closing >

The Electron reports 0.4.8. Its been sitting for awhile. I’ll update it to latest stable version.


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I updated the Electron to 0.6.0, that cleared up the compilation error. Thanks

But I’ve since shifted gears to Losant (seems a faster path versus MyDevices, Ubidots). Integration of the Particle trigger was very easy.

Losant is a great choice.