[SOLVED] Electron suddenly not connecting to cellular network (Green -> Cyan -> White)

Hello Particle community,

Here’s is my current electron status light loop. Flashing Green, Breathing Cyan, then Breathing White.

We found this as the status light after our device suddenly stopped connecting to the Particle cloud. Our program sends and status update to the cloud once per minute.

I was curious if others have seen this type of status light and if they have a solution to get the electron connected to the network.

Also, any idea of what could have caused this to happen?

Other notes: The Electron is being powered by a 12V automotive power supply. There is a 1000 µf cap added to VIN per the documentation


I’m sure you have tried to pull the power completely and then power it back up.

I would run the Keys doctor and see if that helps.

Also, make sure your data plan has not gone over its limits.


Yes, full powering off had no effect unfortunately.

I like the keys doctor idea, This was a device at a remote site so unfortunately we could not run keys doctor.

You know, it may be the data plan, I received a warning when my card did not go through (I had just ordered a replacement so it was a slightly different number) I did check with Particle and they were showing everything active, and not blocked.

Have you experienced this sequence of lights flashing before?

Also, while keys doctor is useful tool, what would it take to keep a device from needing to use keys doctor? This would be for a product where I would like to avoid needing to have the client perform maintenance.

Usually, the key doctor is needed when the LED flashes RED but I recommended it anyway.

Are you saying your data plan is active and good? Or you have not check that sim card info yet?

The key loss is what I understand an issue caused by power loss or low voltage events. I’m not sure about other causes of key loss but I’m sure there are other causes.

Oh, Yes data plan is active and good. I reached out to Particle over the weekend and they got back to me saying everything was in order.

Gotcha, so key loss can occur with low power. That is helpful.

I’ll keep trouble shooting! Thanks!

Try attaching your LiPo - standard wired PSUs may not supply current fast enough to keep a steady connection. The 1000µF cap does help with buffering but does not contribute to speed. For that you’d need some extra smaller caps.

BTW, I modified your original post since this is not solid white but breathing white (once).
Solid would suggest some deadlock, while breathing signals free running.

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Hi everyone!

This device has been reconnected! Thank you for insights.

The device appeared to reconnect when the vehicle that it is in turned on. I believe there was slightly less power available when the vehicle was off, but once the engine was running power was higher.

This device is remote and unfortunately we don’t have direct access to it, so i’m really glad it connected on its own.

Thank you everyone!

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I have noticed this also. A close to dead battery will cause this white breathing LED from my experience. A more fully charged battery would eliminate it and the connection would happen quicker

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